1974 Pontiac Grand Am
Owner: Robert Kern
This project car has undergone some major mechanical renovation as the owner decided that the original Pontiac 400 that rolled out of the factory just did not have quite enough ponies. And so, he decided to drop a fully detailed 428 (along with a new tranny) in its place. All engine parts have been powdercoated as well as other under hood equipment for dress up. It has also received stainless steel fasteners with an aluminum Edelbrock intake, a Ram Air IV cam, and Ram Air exhaust manifolds with some oversized pipes and an X crossover for easier breathing. A Pertronix electronic ignition conversion kit supplies the engine with a more modern and powerful spark topping it all off. Photos taken at McCollum's Auto Center where the engine swap was performed.
1970 Trans Am
Owner: Kevin Black
This Trans Am was originally painted lucerne blue, but its hard to imagine what it looked like when it was new. This particular model in that color is highly unusual, but its rather decrepit state requires that it should undergo a complete restoration for showing purposes. We have received few updates on this project but hope to share photos as soon as we have them.